The Silver Bengal is created by an inhibitor gene “I” (a lack of colour)

The Silver Bengal’s ground colour varies from white to dark steel with dark grey to jet black markings. 


The Silver Snow Bengals have silvery tones and white body. The Silver Seal-Lynx has very light tones, blue eyes and is usually born completely white as their pattern appear as they get older.

The Silver-Mink is born with a visible pattern which is often darker than the seal lynx and has blue green or aqua eyes. The Silver-Sepia is born with a visible pattern and has green or gold eyes.


The Silver-Charcoal’s ground colour is darker with “Zorro markings” which consist of white “goggles” around the eyes and a dark “charcoal mask and cape”.

We also breed Melanistic & Silver Smoke Bengals . The Melanistic, just like the black panther, has a stunning black coat with shadow rosettes and markings. The Silver Smoke has a white undercoat with more visible markings.



Spotted pattern: Rosettes are formed by a part circle of spots around a distinctly lighter centre.


Marbled pattern: distinct pattern with swirled patches or streaks, clearly defined but not symmetrical, giving the impression of marble, preferably with a horizontal flow.